PSI covers both, residential and commercial properties and grounds.

PSI Mosquito Management Service

Mosquitoes are of great hygienic importance. Female mosquitoes feed on animals & humans. The y are attracted by the body odours, carbon di oxide or heat emitted from the animal or person. Some species prefer to feed in forest, some outside of houses & other indoors.

The anophelies are the vector of malaria, while the culex are the vector of yellow fever, dengue. japanese encephalitis & filariasis and they can transmit certain viral infection in the temperate zone.

All mosquitoes have 4 distinct stages in their life cycle; the first three - egg, larval and pupal - are spent in water. Moreover, only a little stagnant water is necessary, so it is vital importance of ensuring that our premises are free of stagnant water. However professional mosquito control treatment will be required to eradicate the infestation.