PSI covers both, residential and commercial properties and grounds.

PSI Cockroach Management Service

Cockroaches are a group of insects closely associated with man as a largest pest. Fossil deposits showed that this insect was present in about 250 years ago. Depending on species, they can be small or large in size. Cockroaches like warm, dark and moist environments. They hide in cracks and crevices and are active at night.

They feed on almost anything with nutritive value including all food humans consume; and other stuff such as soap, glue, toothpaste, paper, leather and excrement.

We provide a good services for Cockroach control to our clients for giving them total relief. In this treatment, we use Bait Gel / Paste or general medicine by spray inside the kitchens, platforms, toilets, bathrooms and bedrooms and other infested area.

This effective gel works efficiently by means of that, if one cockroach feeds the gel is used to kill atleast 40 other cockroaches through dropping dead body, because these are cannibalistic and eat others’ body. As cockroaches are not the social insects like ants and termites, these do not take their bait back to feed the young. The total consideration on this fact enables us to speed up the process of controlling cockroaches.